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Running & Sailing In Olympia: 26th March-2nd April (6 Days/7 Nights)
Embarkation and Disembarkation in Zakinto Island
This Holiday is Dedicated to: Sailing/Running/Food & Wine/ Nightlife & Nature.
410 Euros Per Person (Self Catering - Sharing Fuel Costs)
26th March-2nd April 2020 (6 Days/7 Nights)
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You Can Book For 1-8 People or the Whole Boat.
Running & Sailing In Olympia

Wellness, preparation, good nutrition, wellness, values that you will find in my boat.


This week we will be in Olympia, we will have a unique opportunity to live unforgettable moments in the temple of the Olympic Games, where everything was born. We will participate in an unforgettable 12 km race in the temple of the Olympic games,  you can also participate in the marathon or the half marathon.

In any case, the route will pass alongside the temple of Zeus, the temple of Hera and the stadium, it will be a unique emotion. Our base will be the boat moored in the port in Katakolon, and the transfers from/to Olympia, with the means of the organization. The embarkation will take place in Zakynthos on Thursday March 26, the next day we will sail to Katakolon. Sunday, at the end of the event we will return to the island of Zakynthos and continue the holiday among the turtles, bays, breathtaking, including the famous wreck beach. the landing will be again in Zakynthos, on Thursday 2 April .


Reaching Zakynthos in the low season is not quite so obvious. the best way is to take a low cost flight to Athens, then an Aegean flight to Zakynthos. From there, reaching the city port is very easy. Bring your running gear, sunscreen, hat and summer clothes as here is the prelude to summer in late March. In the evening it is still cool, so some long-sleeved and windproof clothing will be needed. I wait for you on board for this unforgettable experience.

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